Grand Theater Capital Campaign Named Opportunities, you can donate or make a bequest to the Grand Theater and have your name, the name of a loved one, a group of friends, or your business prominently displayed.  Gifts can also be made over 5 or 10 years in payments.

$1,000,000+   Grand Performing Arts Center (name on Marquee)

$900,000        Grand Event Center (front ballroom and lobby building)

$800,000        Grand Theater Auditorium (the main auditorium)

$800,000        Stage

$700,000         Projection booth equipment, spot lighting and sound

$400,000         Balcony

  $300,000         Ballroom (either second or third floor)

$250,000         Entrance and Lobby

$250,000         Mezzanine

$200,000         Performing Arts History Museum (left store front)

  $200,000         Small performance area and gift shop in the annex.

$150,000         Roof with special recognition in the Lobby

$100,000         Parking Lot

$90,000           Elevator

$50,000           Caterers Kitchen (two available on both second and third floors)

$40,000           Historic Ticket Booth

$25,000/star    Walk of Fame (Brass Star in Sidewalk)

$10,000/step   Stairs of Fame from Lobby to the Mezzanine

$3000/each     Chandeliers above and below the balcony


Hidden Heroes:

$600,000           Dressing Rooms

$400,000           Fly Loft and Equipment to raise and lower scenery

$100,000           Stage ramp and bathroom

$50,000             Stage Scenery Door

Donations to the Grand are tax deductible, consult your tax advisor for your specific situation.  Named giving rights last until such time that item needs to be restored or repaired in the future at which time the original donor will have right of first refusal to sponsor the item again.